Best Free and Open Source Software for MacOs (and non-free)

Best Free and Open Source Software for MacOs

brew cask outdated | xargs brew cask reinstall

Kind of


Brew command line setup

Software Manager


See this article.
html and epub editor


brew cask install bluegriffon
html editor


brew cask install bluefish


brew cask install calibre


brew cask install mendeley-desktop

Avg Antivirus

brew cask install avg-antivirus


brew cask install malwarebytes
Matrovska recipe manager


brew install --with-qt mkvtoolnix


To run, on terminal:


(change version when update)

DVD and Bluray Reeper


brew cask install makemkv
Video compressor


brew cask install handbrake
HTML and Text Editor


(lite version is free, )

brew cask install bbedit


Monitor temperatures, SSD, memory. in your mac


brew cask install hwsensors
System manteinance and repair utilities


brew cask install onyx
FTP, webdav, ssh client,…


brew cask install cyberduck
Oracle’s Virtual Machine Manager


brew cask install virtualbox

brew cask install virtualbox-extension-pack

Audio format converter: mp3, flac, m4a, wav, aiff,…


brew cask install freac
Open Source Desktop Publishing


brew cask install scribus
Graphic Design


brew cask install inkscape
The Free & Open Source Image Editor


brew cask install gimp
Productivity Suite


brew cask install libreoffice

brew cask install libreoffice-language-pack --language=es

Unarchiver with 7-zip support


brew cask install keka
Media player

Video Lan Client (VLC)

Brew cask install vlc
Free personal finance software, money management


brew install homebank
El navegador 100 libre y ético


brew cask install firefox
Bittorrent client.


brew cask install transmission

For remote access:

brew cask install transmission-remote-gui



My privative Software

Soft Brew install
Carbon Copy Cloner brew cask install carbon-copy-cloner
   Little Snitch brew cask install little-snitch
  Transmit  brew cask install transmit
   Vmware Fusion brew cask install vmware-fusion
   Microsoft Office brew cask install microsoft-office

Cakebrew – Setup brew gui in MacOS


Setup brew GUI in MacOS


Cakebrew is a graphical package manager for Homebrew. You can run brew update, brew install, brew doctor,… see what is installed, and what is in the github repositories.

Let’s to setup Home brew.

1. Set up xcode: in terminal

$ xcode-select --install

2. Set up Homebrew:

$ /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

  • Setup Cakebrew

$ brew update && brew upgrade

$ brew tap caskroom/cask

$ brew cask install xquartz ##reboot for activate it, or log out and log in.

$ brew cask install cakebrew

3. Suggested Open Source Packages and standard MacOS software: here.


MacOS Math Station Howto: HomeBrew setup

MacOS Math Station howto

HomeBrew setup

1. Install Homebrew

In terminal

xcode-select --install

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
echo 'export PATH="/usr/local/bin:$PATH"' >> ~/.bash_profile

2. R, Rstudio and Mactex: this link (R-Bloggers).

brew tap caskroom/cask   brew install brew-cask   brew install Caskroom/cask/xquartz   brew cask install java   brew tap homebrew/science   brew install r   brew install Caskroom/cask/rstudio
# For latex:
brew cask install mactex
brew install libsvg curl libxml2 gdal geos boost
R CMD javareconf JAVA_CPPFLAGS=-I/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Headers
brew tap caskroom/fonts
brew cask install font-fira-code
brew cask install iterm2
brew cask install gitup           # if you want a GUI for git stuff (h/t @jennybryan)

From MacOS command line terminal, for Rcomander

brew install pandoc

3. Lyx:

brew cask install lyx

3. Install R commader from Rstudio Terminal, run:


run cmdr from Rstudio


Press Yes

4. Install all R Comannder plugins. From Rstudio terminal

## Obtain names of all packages on CRAN

names.available.packages <- rownames(available.packages())

## Extract packages names that contain Rcmdr
Rcmdr.related.packages <- names.available.packages[grep("Rcmdr", names.available.packages)]


## Install these packages
install.packages(pkgs = Rcmdr.related.packages)

5. Install Anaconda Navigator:

  • From MacOS terminal, type:
brew cask install anaconda
  • Launch anaconda navigator from launchpad.

4. Install Orange 3 Data Mining.

  • Press in Install and launch Orange3.
  • Create a new project
  • In Menu Panel go to Addons, and select everything


  • Close  anaconda navigator
  • From MacOS terminal, type:
  • conda update --all
  • Open anaconda navigator from launchpad.

5. Install glueviz.

From anaconda navigator, press on install.

6. Install Octave.

  • For instructions, see this.

7. Install maxima.

brew tap homebrew/science
brew install maxima
brew install wxmaxima

Or download from here and drug to Applications.

8. Install PSPP.

brew install pspp

To run PSPP, in terminal: $ psppire.

9. Other Software? See here.